What Is Fairtrade Food?

What Is Fairtrade Food?

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The Fairtrade Foundation exists to ensure 강남룸 that producers are guaranteed a minimum price for their goods irrespective of world prices.

This means that Fairtrade goods are often more expensive in the UK than those without the Fairtrade logo. Although people are now arguing that supermarkets are fuelling their excessive profits by adding large mark-ups to these products This premium that the producer charges covers the basic food, housing, health and education needs of the local communities in countries such as India and Brazil. The Foundation awards a consumer label, the Fairtrade Mark, to products which meet internationally recognised standards of Fairtrade. It is the only such certification in the UK.

Examples of products:

Fairtrade coffee
Fairtrade Tea
Fairtrade Chocolate
Fairtrade Bananas
Fairtrade Honey
Fairtrade Sugar
Fairtrade Fruit Juice
Fairtrade Wine and Snacks

The list of goods certified Fairtrade is growing daily as is the range of products available. The co-op changed all their own brand chocolate to Fairtrade a few years ago and now all the other big supermarkets are beginning to move into...

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